Essential MOT Checks Carried out by Experts at Our Test Centre in Ashford, Kent

Receive all of the MOT checks that you need for your vehicle to run legally on the road at D&D Autos. As an authorised MOT test centre in Ashford, Kent, we offer testing while you wait. For your convenience, any minor adjustments are carried out free of charge so you don't have to worry. Make sure your car is running to its best ability by also booking it in for a service.

Meeting the Standards

When your vehicle is more than three years old, it must meet environmental and road safety standards through MOT testing. At D&D Autos, we offer MOT checks on cars, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, and motorbikes of classes I, II, III, IV, V, and VII to ensure that whatever type of vehicle you have, all of the relevant legal requirements are met. You can renew your MOT up to one month before without affecting your annual expiry date. The test takes approximately 50 minutes, so it can be completed while you wait in two of our drive-through MOT bays with excellent availability. We offer a free retest within 10 working days, and you can find what class your vehicle is in through the helpful test class specification information below:

Meeting the Standards

  • Class I - Mopeds and Motorcycles Up to 199cc

  • Class II - Motorcycles 200cc and Over

  • Class III - Tricycles and Three-Wheeled Cars

  • Class IV - Cars, Motor-Caravans, Goods Vehicles Up to and Including 3000kg Gross Weight, Minibuses (With No More than 12 Passenger Seats)

  • Class V - Private Buses (With More Than 12 Passenger seats and Up to 16)

  • Class VII - Goods Vehicles Between 3000kg and Up to and Including 3500kg in Gross Weight

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