Car Diagnostics from Dependable Vehicle Tuning Specialists in Ashford, Kent

Let us identify your vehicle's issues with our car diagnostics. At D&D Autos, in Ashford, Kent, our vehicle tuning specialists provide effective solutions to save you time and money without having to worry about costly repairs in the future.

Range of Diagnostics

The modern vehicle is reliant on a number of complex electrical systems which need to be examined to optimise efficiency. The team at D&D Autos investigate issues which range from dashboard faults being illuminated such as the airbag and ABS to vehicles that are non-runners. Some faults can be resolved by a software update; however, we find that often the issue has been caused by a small break in a wire. We use specialised diagnostic equipment to service and repair multiple brands and offer the following:

Range of Diagnostics

  • Fault Code Reading and Re-Sets

  • Coding and Programming of all New Control Modules

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Facilities Performance Tuning

Qualified and Skilled Technicians

Throwing parts at the job is often used by companies to try and diagnose a fault, however this is not what we are about. This can be costly for you and we offer cost-effective solutions to suit your budget. Our senior diagnostic technician, Matthew Pestridge, has more than 20 years' industry experience and is a fully qualified Bosch™ diagnostic technician as well as being ATA accredited. Much like our fleet repairs, our genuine, dealership-level software includes:

Servicing on All Types of Vehicle

  • BMW™

  • Skoda™

  • Citroen™

  • Jaguar™

  • BMW Mini™

  • Ford™

  • Audi™

  • Renault™

  • Peugeot™

  • Mazda™

  • Land Rover™

  • Seat™

  • VW™

Contact our vehicle tuning specialists today, in Ashford, Kent, to learn more about our unmatched car diagnostics.